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Invisible Shelves

If you live in a modern home, or if you just like the look of clean, simple lines, nothing looks sleeker and more sophisticated than invisible shelves. Invisible shelving is great for displaying collections because nothing on the shelf takes your attention away from the object itís displaying. Your eyes should automatically focus on whatever a shelf is showcasing, not on unsightly brackets or sub-par shelving.  

Invisible shelves can basically be classified in one of three ways: shelves that have invisible support, glass shelves that appear to float, and shelves that are completely hidden from view.

Shelves with Invisible Support

Shelves with invisible support look like theyíre floating weightlessly on a wall. Though they canít typically support the heavy loads that a traditional bracket-style shelf could support, youíll be surprised at how much they can hold. This style of shelving typically slides onto the supporting structure, which is concealed neatly behind the shelf. When you buy this style of shelving, make sure you check the specific load limits and stick to them.

Glass Shelves

Glass shelves give a very free open look to a room and do not cause your eyes to break up the space. Glass shelving is great for smaller rooms and areas that are humid or where a shelf might get a bit dirtier, such as in the kitchen or bathroom. Glass shelves are impervious to humidity that can cause particle board or wood shelves to warp. They also wipe clean with a damp cloth. Glass shelves often sit on the bracket system and are sometimes not screwed down, so these are not good shelves for high traffic areas or for places that little hands can reach.

Truly Invisible Shelves

There arenít that many truly invisible shelves on the market, but if you look hard enough, you can find a few.  One of my favorites is Umbraís conceal bookshelf. Your books appear to float on the wall with no visible support. They also have an invisible towel rack that will make your towels hover in your bathroom and bewilder and amaze your guests.

As with any shelving product, always adhere to the load maximums and follow the assembly and mounting instructions carefully. Youíll love the effect that invisible shelves have in your home.




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